Community Development

May is the international Building Safety Month from the International Code Council (ICC). Building safety month is recognized to bring awareness of the importance of building safety. It is a time to familiarize yourself on why building codes are important and how they can help our families and communities.

                Making sure to follow all building codes can provide extra safety incase of disaster and prepare families for what to do when a disaster strikes. All communities need building codes. They help shape the community to provided the safest, most resilient structures. Building codes protect homes, offices, schools, and stores from disasters like fires, natural disasters, and structural collapse. The Village of Round Lake’s Code enforcement officers and building inspectors work to make sure our structures are built to code so the community is protected. Their work is important to help us be prepared and mitigate any unwanted emergency.

Follow along this May with new topics to learn about each week. You can learn more and follow along at: 2023 Building Safety Month - ICC (

  • Week One (May 1–7): “Building Safety Starts at Home”
  •  Week Two (May 8—14): “Building Safety Professionals and You”
  • Week Three (May 15—21): “Prepare Your Community”
  • Week Four (May 22—28): “Advocate for Your Community”
  • Week Five (May 29—31): “Solving Challenges Together”

The Community Development Department strives to ensure public safety, health, and welfare of all Village residents and the business community.

The primary responsibilities of the department include:

  • Enforcement of all building and zoning codes
  • Issuance of building permits
  • Conducting inspections
  • Plan review
  • Monitoring all phases of construction and development within the Village
  • Business recruitment and retention
  • Review and issuance of business, liquor, gaming and other licenses
  • Rental registration program

Smoke Alarm Fact Sheet


The Village of Round Lake received the 2019 Illinois Code Enforcement Agency of the Year Award!  This prestigious award is given annually to one agency in the State of Illinois by the Illinois Association of Code Enforcement.  The Village is pleased to be recognized for the Village Board’s adoption and the hard work of Staff to create, adopt and implement several new programs.  The new programs that the Community Development Department worked on include: adoption of all the 2018 International Code Council Building Codes, creating a Rental Registration and Inspection Program, upgrading a software system to include tablets for field inspections, participating in a foreclosure registration program, and implementing a new Sign Code.  All these programs, plus regular tasks, were accomplished by the Community Development team.