Public Works

The Public Works Department provides a broad base of services to the community in a prompt, courteous, safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

The Public Works Department strives to plan, design, build, maintain, and operate public infrastructure in a sustainable manner that enhances the community and provides the Village with a quality foundation for generations to come.

The primary responsibilities of the Public Works Department include: 

  • Water delivery and maintenance of the water system
  • Sanitary sewer conveyance and maintenance of the sanitary sewer system
  • Storm water conveyance and maintenance of the storm water system
  • Maintenance of streets, storm drains, and street lighting
  • Maintenance of Village grounds and facilities 
  • Maintenance of trees located within the public rights-of-way
  • Engineering and contract administration of public improvements
  • Review of design and construction of public development 
  • Environmental compliance and oversight 
  • Snow and ice mitigation operations
  • Prevailing Wage Ordinance