Clerk Referendum

April 4th, 2023 - Clerk Referendum Ballot Question

On the April 4th ballot, voters in Round Lake will have the opportunity to vote on a question that has been put in front of voters in other communities: a referendum as to whether the Village Clerk shall be Appointed Rather than Elected. If passed, it would give Round Lake additional flexibility to fill the Clerk position.

There are three key reasons the Village Board decided to put the Village Clerk appointment rather than elected in front of voters in Round Lake:

  1. The Village Clerk position has been vacant for six months. The Village has advertised on the Village Website, Police Department social media page, posted four newsletter articles and we have received no interest.
  2. It has been difficult to retain a Village Clerk due to the limited scope of the position.
  3. The Village Board is seeking greater flexibility for the position that may include expanded duties at a competitive hourly rate.

The Village is hosting a public information session:

March 27, 2023
Village Hall
Village Board Room, 2nd Floor
442 N. Cedar Lake Road
Round Lake, IL 60073
6:00 PM


On December 19, 2022 the Village Board unanimously passed Resolution 22-R-60, A Resolution Authorizing a Binding Referendum at the Consolidated Election on April 4, 2023 as to Whether the Village Clerk shall be Appointed Rather then Elected

The resolution was passed as under state law, a municipality like Round Lake can only change its officers and the manner of their selection by referendum, unless otherwise authorized by law.

The actual ballot will include:


Shall the Village Clerk in the Village of Round Lake, Illinois be appointed by the Village President with the advice and consent of the Village Board of Trustees, rather than elected, effective upon passage of this referendum?











Village Clerk Duties

The Village Clerk is currently an elected position responsible for calling the roll during public meetings, taking minutes at the Village Board and Committee of the Whole meetings, overseeing the local election process, signing Village documents, maintaining Village records, overseeing responses to Freedom of Information Requests and administering oaths of office for Village officials. The Village Clerk does not vote during board meetings and is not a policy-making member of the Village Board.

Key Differences Between an Appointed Clerk and Elected Clerk

Appointed clerks:

  • Do not have to be a Village resident.
  • Subject to performance review and continual accountability outside of the election process.
  • Have their qualifications, job descriptions, and wages/benefits set by the Village’s Compensation Plan as they are essentially Village employees hired by the board.
  • Cannot be removed by the board during their term of office, unless there is “cause” for removal (misconduct in office or neglect of duties). The board can simply choose not to re-appoint an official at the end of his or her term without having to establish cause.

Elected clerks:

  • Have to be a Village resident.
  • Are answerable to the electorate and cannot be required by the board to hold specific qualifications or obtain training (unless required by state law-such as election training for clerks).
  • Can be recalled from office like other elected officials, but cannot be removed from office by a board vote.

What does it mean if I vote yes?

Voting yes to the referendum question indicates your preference for the Village Clerk to be appointed.

The appointed Village Clerk would be a Village staff member that has the technical training to perform the duties of Village Clerk. The Village would consider individuals for the position based on qualifications and abilities. The person in this position must be able to take minutes, have knowledge of state laws regarding record keeping and be familiar with the processes and procedures in the Village.

What does it mean if I vote no?

Voting no would indicate your preference for the position to be elected.

In this case, due to no Village Clerk name on the April 4, 2023 ballot, the Village President would need to appoint a Village Clerk. That person would then run in the April 2025 election for a two-year term. The requirements for someone to become an elected Village Clerk include being a Village of Round Lake resident, filing a petition packet to appear on the ballot, and receiving the majority vote. There is no requirement for relevant expertise.

Do other communities have appointed Village Clerks?

Of the 52 municipalities in Lake County, approximately 21 have clerks who are appointed rather than elected. The municipalities include; Antioch, Barrington Hills, Deer Park, Deerfield, Fox River Grove, Green Oaks, Hainesville, Hawthorn Woods, Highland Park, Highwood, Kildeer, Lake Barrington, Lake Forest, Lakemoor, Mettawa, North Barrington, Riverwoods, Third Lake, Tower Lakes, Vernon Hills and Zion.


After another unexpected Village Clerk vacancy, the responsibilities of the Village Clerk have been managed by existing staff. The transition of administrative staff handling these responsibilities along with the position open for some time, the Village Board is seeking greater flexibility for the position. The budget effects are expected to be negligible regardless of the outcome.